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I have Neptune in Sagittarius in the 12th house. Here some notes from "The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption" by Liz Greene....

An inclination toward retreat, reverie and mysticism is what we might expect when the individual experiences the primal longing unadulterated by any surrogate. The gift of receptivity to such powerful redemptive images is also the gift of the artist. Commitment to a religious or spiritual path may offer consolation to Neptune's melancholy and world-weariness, and may provide a means of redeeming not only one's own loneliness but the victims of the past. Neptune in the 12th may shoulder the burden of redeeming family sin and unhappiness, and is particularly prone to identification with the suffering saviour. For this reason, the individual with Neptune in the 12th, if unconscious and unformed, may become a scapegoat or vessel for family conflicts which go back over many generations. Certain forms of mental and physical disintegration, which embody an accrued family background of misery and difficulty, may be connected to Neptune in the 12th if the individual cannot contain his or her inner experiences. It is in this context that we may link drug addiction to this placement of the planet."

"The line between Neptune in the 12th as visionary, artist, and healer, and Neptune in the 12th as addict, invalid or psychotic, is very fluid. Neptune placed in this house teaches us a good deal about our extremely limited and sometimes downright stupid definitions of sanity. The mystical or "oceanic" peak experience is not uncommon with Neptune in the 12th, and it can be redemptive and life-enhancing. Yet the individual may be so overwhelmed that he or she identifies utterly with being God's mouthpiece. This may, in certain contexts, be appropriate; Neptune in the 12th is more likely than most to recognise the essential divinity in the whole of life. It is only when primary narcissism dominates the stage, and no one else is granted the same status, that we may begin to worry. Neptune's apparent madness may be eminently sane, although attuned to the inner rather than the outer world. But there are some individuals with Neptune in the 12th, particularly if it forms stressful aspects with important personal planets, who are unable to maintain their boundaries against the flooding of the collective psyche. They may act out the traditional meaning of the 12th house, and spend their lives permanently or intermittently confined."
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    or, taken from the astrology tribe:

    How one seeks to connect with the Collective Feeling.
    Universal love.
    Spiritual urge and need for unity.
    Transcendent Freedom.
    Urge to escape limitations.
    Living an ideal.
    Global compassion.
    Mystery. Mystic.
    Deception. Illusion.
    Drugs. Alcohol.
    The Dissolver.
    The Dreamer.

    12th house:
    Karma & Spiritual Path
    Spiritual Life.
    Search for unity and divinity.
    Subconscious mind.
    Hidden resources.
    Hidden problems.
    Social responsibility
    House of secrets.
    Self undoing.
    Challenge is explore inward, discern, let go, and grow.

    Sagittarius is idealistic, optimistic, freedom-loving, casual, friendly, buoyant, gregarious, enthusiastic, philosophical, studious, farseeing, direct, outspoken, honest, loyal, restless and loves travel.
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    Kinda like having a BLEEDING SOUL, eh Ewan? Is that a good description? I have the same exact placement as you, albeit about 8 or 9 years older than you. I used to have the same freaky troubled eyes as you, too.
    My Neptune is also conjunct my Ascendant, so it gets some expression. I like what you said about "redeeming family sin". From my own experience, I prefer to think about it as "breaking the family curse". My family is not sinful, but oh BOY are they cursed with some bad emotional habits. As each older generation dies off, the family seems to break up more and everyone becomes more independent. It might seem sad, but I think it is maybe a GOOD thing. It is truly the DISSOLVING-action which is associated with Neptune.
    I also know what you mean by "Neptune's world-weariness". I have become more resolute about my purpose in life, and comfortable with it...but I used to feel (as a younger guy!) that I have been here before, and now I am so tired...and I just want go back to the Cosmos. Unfortunately, just one last spiritual mission which MUST be addressed...and then POOF! Back to God's pool of mass conciousness forever.

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    Re: in the 12th house

    Mon, January 19, 2015 - 3:20 PM
    I suspect i'm a very obvious example of this house placement!

    I have Neptune in 12th House Sagittarius
    It's also the apex of a T-square between Mercury in H3 Pisces and Moon in H10 Virgo exactly conjunct Midheaven

    On top of that Neptune is exactly quincunx South node in H5 Taurus

    My Mercury & Venus are in H3 Pisces and my Sun is in H4 Pisces [So a heavy Pisces emphasis in chart]

    In addition i have a heavily emphasized Uranus in H11 & Jupiter in H5

    The way i experience my T-square is as a constant tightrope to maintain balance while essentially having a foot on each side of the divide, between being grounded on the material plane & being able to feel the other side.
    It's clearly going to be a lifelong learning process...

    I have a very strong intuition & easy telepathy / pre-cognition. When i was a child i'd sometimes visually see/feel the other side as this indescribably powerful white energy.
    The focus of my personality has always been on being creative / visionary / humanitarian.
    The challenge is certainly to maintain healthy ego boundaries when you're that strongly empathetic & not dissolve yourself in other peoples needs or see the world through rose tinted glasses. I easily do both & don't seem to have a natural antidote despite being burned multiple times. Intellectually i can see my weaknesses, but instinct always leads in that direction then has to be corrected with an intellectual override. I'm hopelessly gullible & trusting!

    Everything is getting easier as i get older & more aware

    When i was younger i suffered from depression so severe i was suicidal from about 15 to 28. I've been through severe trauma in the last few years & i find it much easier to keep things in perspective now & no longer seem to be vulnerable to depression. Trauma can be a blessing in disguise!

    I have also been made the scapegoat for my families unconscious emotional habits. My parents are farmers & value the highly practical & realistic. I also come from a strictly traditional & religious family. The whole of my youth they would yell at me for daydreaming & not 'doing'. When i was in my teens & 20s i became the example to the whole family of someone who was dysfunction-ally messed up. In hindsight i was fighting to find space to be my own person while having unhealthy boundaries about pretty much everything. This process of deep self-searching since childhood, has led me to a space now [at 38] where i feel powerfully centered in a sense of 'god is in all' & 'all is love' - and pretty impervious to whatever the world throws at me. When my brother was killed last year, it has become obvious that this dynamic of being the family 'scapegoat' has swung around & i'm now able to help give my parents a connection to the wider dimensions

    I now deal with the world of big business & it's crystal clear to me why our world is currently so messed up. Very few people seem to have any real sense of connection to the divine. In reality it's all around us & in us, but most people are blindly oblivious or can feel it a little but are confused
    I feel the resurgence of astrology is very helpful as a road map showing the constant, complex interconnectedness....

    Hope this helps you navigate your own challenges!

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